Global Custodian's Survey Results

Global Custodian, the leading magazine of the international securities service industry, has scored Stone Coast as the number one, two or three overall hedge fund administrator each year since 2009.


Rated #1 Administrator - Overall 

“Stone Coast has performed consistently at a genuinely outstanding level for a number of years in the Survey . . . ‘Stone Coast is by far the best fund administrator that I have worked with in my over 12+ years in this industry. The staff, systems, and work product are all five star’ . . .  ‘Stone Coast Fund Services is extremely good at what it does. The firm’s client service is superb, as is accuracy in its reporting. Stone Coast is very thorough in documentation and its reporting is user-friendly’ . . .  ‘Stone Coast really does a great job. Customer service and responsiveness to our needs is tremendous. Our asset class is more complex than a traditional long/short equity fund, Stone Coast has deep experience with our assets and provides personalised service.’”


Rated #2 Administrator - Overall

"Much of the positive overall perception...stems from a very concentrated focus on customer service and in particular low turnover of personnel and a proactive approach to relationship management...As one client put it, 'Stone Coast is by far the best administrator I have ever worked with.'"


Rated #1 Administrator - Overall*

*Global Custodian calculated administrators’ “Overall” scores from 1996 through 2014, but has since published only eight “category” scores.  For continuity, post-2014 category scores are here averaged into an “Overall” score. Stone Coast’s 2014 scores were not published, but were provided by Global Custodian.


Rated #2 Administrator - Overall

“In all 14 service areas, Stone Coast is at least double digits above the global weighted average. . . One client working with Stone Coast for the past few years says, 'I would recommend them to any fund manager without hesitation. There’s very little turnover, and we deal with knowledgeable and dedicated senior level staff on a day-to-day basis.'”


Rated #2 Administrator - Overall

“’They know us, know what we do and know what we want,’ reads one. ‘I consider them an A+ partner on our team. Our space is complicated, but they handle it great—extremely knowledgeable, and they listen.’”


Rated #2 Administrator - Overall

“Asked what he likes, a client says: ‘Staff, staff and staff. From top to bottom they are dedicated, conscientious and committed to the highest levels of customer satisfaction. They always do what it takes to get us what we need when we need it—even when the request is a bit outrageous.’”


Rated #3 Administrator - Overall

“’Stone Coast provides our fund with excellent customer service,’ says a client. ‘The team is consistently responsive and accurate in the information provided. I depend on them in a number of areas and am always confident.’ ’The best compliment is that I do not spend time worrying about them,’ concludes another.’”


Rated #1 Administrator - Overall

“’Honest, smart and hardworking,’ writes one client. ‘Stone Coast has been a huge part in our fund’s results.’ ‘Very personalized service,’ writes another, ‘The staff is very knowledgeable and extremely responsive to needs.’”